Over the last seven months, fighting has intensified between the Myanmar Army and ethnic armed groups in Kachin and northern Shan States, areas with long-running conflicts as ethnic minorities have sought greater autonomy and respect for their rights. This report documents war crimes and other human rights violations by the Myanmar Army, including extrajudicial executions, torture, forced labour, and indiscriminate shelling. Most victims are civilians from ethnic minorities in the region, continuing a legacy of abuse that has rarely led to accountability for the soldiers or commanders responsible.

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The U.S Department of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs hte US Kachin community ningbaw ni hkrum

The U.S Department of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs hte US Kachin community ningbaw ni daini March 28, 2017 hta Washington DC na US Department of State Rung hta zuphpawng galaw la lu ai.

Shanglawm ai ni:
Kachin Community Leaders-
1. Slg. Luksing Kyang Zung, Hpaji Jaw, Kachin Catholic Community of America
2. Rev. Dr. Lasaw Yawba, Ningtau Ningbaw, Kachin American Baptist Association
3. Rev. Dr. Jum Maw San Awng, Ningbaw, Kachin Baptist Churches, USA
4. Slg. Nsang Gum San, Ningbaw, Kachin Allaince
5. Lahkyen Ja Seng Mai, Ningtau Ningbau, Kachin Alliance

Us. Department of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs-
1. W. Patrick Murphy, Deputy Assistance Secretary for Southeast Asia

Bawngban ai lam ni:
Lahkawng maga de nna shachyen shaga ai hte sa du hkrumzup lu ai majaw chyeju dum ai lam tsun let zuphpawng hpe hpan sai. N-pu na lam ni hpe rau jawm bawngban jahkrup lu sai.
1. Hpyen yen tsinyam ni hpe matut garum shingtau na matu hte garum ai lam hpe pat shingdan ai hpe dawm lu hkra shakut garum na lam
2. Nawku hpung ni hte seng ai lam ni hte majan hta nawku hpung ni gara hku hkra machyi ai lam
3. Malaysia hte Thai kaw nga ai Kachin refugees ni hpe lawan Amerika de shaga la na lam hpe hpyi shawn ai hte shanhte a jahpan ni hpe mung PRM de shalai ya na matu up jaw ai.
4. Nang hpam lusha pat jasan ai lam
5. Num ma roi rip ai lam hte Human traffic a lam
6. Simsa lam the seng nna Myen mung kaw galaw nga ai lam ni hpe tsun bawngban jahkrup ai lam.


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