Anti-War Protesters Urged Tatmadaw To Stop Offensives

Thousands of Myitkyina residents Monday protested against current offensives launched by Tatmadaw at Myitkyina’s Manau Park. Religious leaders, community leaders, leaders of political, students, IDPs, CSOs and local Myitkyina residents participated in the event held from 9 am – 11 am.

A prayer was led by leaders of Myitkyina Council of Churches. A Myitkyina resident who participated in Manau Park’s protest said, “A number of speakers explained us about current situation in Kachin State, Sara Tu Ring on current IDPs’ situation, Sara Steven on development, Sarma Nang Pu on Women issues. And Sara Lung Jung Tu Raw told us about the objectives of today’s protest ceremony.”


By Kachinland News

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