WKC’s Statement on the 8th Anniversary of the Resumption of Kachin War

On June 9, 2019, Kachin communities and organizations around the world commemorate the 8th anniversary of the resumption of Kachin war.

World Kachin Congress releases a statement calling for international community to impose sanctions and full arms embargo to curtail the Burma Army’s appetite to launch military offensives, for UN Security Council to adopt a resolution to mandate the withdrawal of Burmese troops
from ethnic territories, to halt financial investments in all mega infrastructure and resource extraction projects, to refer the situation in Burma to the International Criminal Court or set up an ad hoc international criminal tribunal so that the accused perpetrators of war crimes and commanders of mass murder can be brought to justice and to provide adequate humanitarian aid through cross-border channels to IDPs in Kachin and other ethnic areas until they can return voluntarily, safely and with dignity to their own homes.

Statement in English: https://www.kachinalliance.org/wkc-statement-english/

Statement in Burmese: https://www.kachinalliance.org/wkc-statement-burmese/

Statement in Japanese: https://www.kachinalliance.org/wkc-statement-japanese/

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